Technical Services Available

  1. Complete transmission vs voltage curves for different types of LCDs
  2. Response times of various LCD devices
  3. ITO glass characterization
  4. ITO glass flatness and thickness uniformity characterization
  5. Cell gap uniformity measurement
  6. Spacer distribution uniformity
  7. SEM measurement of ITO glass surfaces, rubbed PI surfaces
  8. Microscopy of LCDs
  9. Color gamut measurement with pixel resolution
  10. Characterization of spectra and luminosity of blacklighting sources
  11. Gel permeation chromatography for LC characterization
  12. Sputtering of ITO on glass, research quality and quantity, 6" max
  13. Characterization of retardation films for FSTN
  14. Mask making for ITO and silicon fab (6" square and 1.5um resolution)
  15. ITO pattering (4" square at persent, 7" square in the near future)
  16. LCD cell assembly
  17. Resistance and capacitance measurement of LCD segments
  18. ASIC design and testing
  19. Fast prototyping of LCD drivers and controllers by FPGA
  20. Wafer level device testing and characterization
  21. Wire bonding, flip chip bonding and testing